Manpower minister, KPK expand Indonesian migrant workers` case

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Manpower Minister Hanif Dakhiri has expanded the case related to exploitation of Indonesian migrant workers after the Corruption Eradication Commission detected violations at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport earlier this year.

"The discussion (between the KPK and the Manpower minister) was on the public service expectations of the employment ministry. Dakhiri also expressed his wish to make the document issuance procedures more efficient for Indonesian and foreign migrant workers," a spokesperson for the KPK, Johan Budi, said while speaking at the office of the anti-graft body here on Monday.

During an impromptu visit on July 26 this year, the KPK and the Presidential Task Force on Development Supervision and Control (UKP4) had visited the Soekarno-Hatta Airport and caught red handed 18 people on charges of indulging in under rate currency exchange business, extorting money from migrant workers. The victims also included a foreigner, a member of the Indonesian military, and two Indonesian police personnel.

Budi added that during the meeting, the anti-corruption organization and the minister deliberated over employment governance reforms, including ones related to better placements for Indonesian migrant workers abroad.

"With regard to the placement and protection of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Agency (BNP2TKI), we refer to the law. When there is a law, we have to enforce it. However, coordinating the work of all parties dealing with migrant workers is of utmost importance. If we coordinate their work well, I think the results (of the employment governance reforms) will be optimal," Dakhiri, who was at the KPK office to hand over his official wealth report forms (LHKPN), stated.

The minister further noted that the coordination would also make the management of data on Indonesian migrant workers more integrated and efficient.

Since 2006, the KPK has studied the placement of Indonesian migrant workers whose appointments were handed over to the Ministry of Employment and Transmigration, as it was then called, and the BNP2TKI.


Reporting by Desca Lidya Natalia