Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Political observer Boni Hargens said it is too early to give a good or bad mark for the new government of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and M. Jusuf Kalla.

The people should not be too quick to judge, Hargens said, adding the government, which was installed only last month should be given time to prove itself.

He said the controversial policy of raising the prices of subsidized oil fuels (BBM) was forced by the burden inherited from the previous regime.

"There was very little space for fiscal maneuver left by the previous government in the state budget," he said.

He said the decision to raise the BBM prices necessitated seriousness of the government to carry out its social protection program through what are called Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS), Prosperous Family Card (KKS) and Smart Indonesia Card (KIP).

In addition, the government needs to be similarly serious in carrying out other programs for the development of human resources.

He said he was aware of the social turbulence as a result of the BBM price rise, but he said he predicted the impact would be limited to increase in the prices of certain essential goods only.

The turbulence would not last long as the government was believed to have launched pro-people projects financed with the subsidy fund cut from BBM, he said.

Hargens, who lead a group of volunteers backing Jokowi during the pre-election political campaign, said he would remain critical of the government.

"We will stand in the front line to criticize if the the government of Jokowi began to run off the rail," he said.

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