President Joko Widodo inducts acting KPK leaders

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo on Friday morning inducted Taufiqurrahman Ruki, Indriyanto Senoaji, and Johan Budi as the acting leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Taufiqurrahman Ruki, the former KPK chairman, once again took over the reins of the anti-graft agency. While the University of Indonesias law expert, Indriyanto Senoaji and KPKs prevention unit head, Johan Budi were appointed as KPK commissioners. The three leaders were inducted in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 16 of 2015.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by several state officials such as Secretary of State Pratikno, Deputy National Police Chief Badrodin Haiti, and Attorney General HM Prasetyo, among others.

The Coalition of Anti-Corruption Civil Societies had urged President Joko Widodo here on Thursday to put a firm end to the criminalization of commissioners of the national anti-graft body.

The coalition includes the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), KPK team of lawyers, YLBHI, LBH Jakarta, PSHK, Gusdurian, Imparsial, LEIP, ILRC, Kontras, Arus Pelangi,, Elsam, HRWG, Pukat-UGM, Pusako-Unand, KRHN, Yappika, Mappi FH UI, ILR, and the Forum of Advocates for Constitution Escort (Faksi).

Emerson F. Juntho, a member of the working body of the ICW, accused President Joko Widodo of having ignored the polices act of defiance against his directives, referring to their continued naming of KPK commissioners as suspects.

The police recently declared KPK Chief Abraham Samad as a suspect in a document falsification case. Earlier, they had also named KPK Deputy Chief Bambang Widjojanto as a suspect.

The police also threatened to name some KPK investigators as suspects for alleged illegal possession of arms.

According to Juntho, the temporary discharge of the KPK commissioners by the president indicated unequal treatment on his part. He explained that Jokowi had taken immediate action with regard to the common cases allegedly committed by the KPK commissioners, while he had done nothing to deal with the corruption cases allegedly involving the police.

In view of this apparent discrepancy, he questioned the presidents commitment to eradicating corruption.

Juntho suggested that President Joko Widodo should urge Acting Police Chief Commissioner General Badrodin Haiti to adopt measures by dismissing police officials who played a role in crippling the KPK, especially the current Chief of the National Polices Crime Investigation Department Commissioner General Budi Waseso.

"We urge the acting police chief to showcase the polices integrity and affirm that the institution is free of vested interests," he remarked.

Furthermore, the coalition encouraged the anti-corruption agency to continue to investigate Budi Gunawans case.