Airwheel Intelligent Electric Self-balancing Scooter S3 to Make Its Debut at Canton Fair in April

GUANGZHOU, China, April 10, 2015 (Antara/PRNewswire) -- Airwheel, a prominent scooter-maker known worldwide, is set to debut its S3 self-balancing scooter at the 117th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), the largest biannual trade fair in China.

This year's Canton Fair is set to take place as usual in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. The specific venue will be at No.380 Yuejiang Middle Road. Airwheel will be exhibiting its wide range of electric self-balancing scooters during the 2nd session but the focus will be on the latest model, the intelligent self-balancing S3 scooter, which will be making its debut.

From the date of its establishment, Airwheel has been unswervingly pursuing the notion of minimalist-chic style, eco-friendly technology and user-friendly design. It rolled out the X-series and Q-series which both enjoy immense popularity worldwide. Recently, it finished development of a brand new model, the intelligent self-balancing S3 scooter. This model is hailed as the ultimate in Airwheel's design and technology.

From the exterior of S3 electric unicycle, it is easy to feel Airwheel's maniacal attention to details, from the handlebar grips to the whole contour. The bodywork is endowed with a streamlined and sleek design, that comes in a white and blue colour scheme. The two main shades confer a gracious and light-hearted air on the S3.

Sporting a minimalist design, the S3 adopts complex technology. Its built-in lithium battery core provides sufficient momentum, with the S3 self-balancing scooter boasting a 16 km/h cruising speed. The maintenance of balance relies on the gyroscope system beneath the standing board. The controllable driving speed is contingent on the angle that the rider has tilted their body forward. More importantly, this electric-powered scooter produces no emissions while in use.

If you are a tech-geek and interested in the S3, we welcome you to enjoy a thrilling riding experience at our booth at Canton Fair.


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