We need Indonesia`s expertise in the field of tourism in order to boost our economy."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Palestinian government is committed to continuously improve bilateral relations with Indonesia in various areas, especially in the field of tourism, stated Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Fariz N. Mehdawi.

"Palestine and Indonesia continue to improve capacity-building cooperation in the field of tourism and conservation," Mehdawi noted here on Thursday.

According to the ambassador, Palestine has several historical sites for Muslims and Christians in the Jerusalem. With regard to historical attractions, these sites have become an asset for the Palestinians.

Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Indonesian tourists visiting Palestine increased and reached 80 thousand in 2014.

"We need Indonesias expertise in the field of tourism in order to boost our economy. Approximately one thousand Palestinian youth will be trained within a period of five years to boost training capacity," he affirmed.

Palestine also urged Indonesia to conduct language training for Palestinian tour guides.

He added that Palestine and Indonesia are also cooperating in infrastructure development, creative industries, commerce, education, and other strategic areas.

"Bilateral cooperation between Palestine and Indonesia increases every year. Jokowi has a promise to upgrade and increase the support for Palestine, and his government is really doing its best. Most importantly, we need to exchange experiences on how to develop tourism, trade, and business. We also want to know about the culture," he stated.

Earlier, Ambassador Mehdawi expressed high hopes that the 60th Asia-Africa Conference (AAC) can come up with some concrete measures for the independence of Palestine.

"We expect that the commemoration of the AAC can affirm and confirm an independent Palestine. Palestine will be the only nation at the AAC that has yet to gain complete independence," Mehdawi noted.

The 1955 AAC was viewed as a symbol of liberating countries from colonialism. The conference resulted in the formulation of "Dasa Sila" Bandung, or the Ten Principles, on the promotion of world peace and cooperation.

It had also become the basis of fundamental principles for promoting world peace and international cooperation.

Mehdawi remarked that the leaders of Asian and African countries have decided to support the Palestinian issue.

"Palestine should be recognized by all countries in the world. The leaders of Asian and African countries have stated that the spirit of Bandung is still alive. We are committed to fight for freedom and justice for all nations," he affirmed.

Mehdawi also lauded Indonesia for deciding to highlight the Palestinian issue at the summit that will be organized as the peak event of the 60th Anniversary of the AAC.

"Asian and African leaders have supported the Palestinian governments demand to become an independent nation, practically, politically, and diplomatically. Indonesias commitment to training one thousand Palestinians in five years has been accomplished, and now, we are going to commit to another five years of training," he remarked.

Mehdawi affirmed that the Palestinian government requires more political support to rebuild infrastructure and institutions in Gaza.

"We are looking to enhance tourism, trade, economy, and so on. Therefore, we need full membership of the United Nations, and for this, we are banking on the support of the Asian-African members," he added.

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