Indonesia to expand its market in Poland

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is expanding its market share for its domestic products in the Polish market, where the two countries have potential in terms of trade.

"The main target of Indonesia in Poland is to expand its market share for its domestic products to compete with its competitors from the ASEAN countries, whose products already dominate Polands Mariwilska wholesale market center," Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel said in a press release received here on Tuesday.

Gobel stated after a bilateral meeting with Minister of Economy of Poland Janusz Piechocinski.

"Indonesias trade value against Poland shows a positive value in the last five years, with an increase of 9.3 percent each year. Indonesia will open Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Poland," he said.

Another issue discussed in the meeting was the developments of the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, as well as economic partnership through the framework of Indonesia-European Union Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (I-EU CEPA).

The trade mission is to achieve the target of a three-fold increase in exports, where for Poland in 2019 the non oil exports are expected to amount to US$ 1.1 billion.

The minister brought 18 export companies of various sectors, namely textiles and textile products, tires, palm oil, coffee, fish products, and agricultural products to enter the Polish market.

The business luncheon this year was the biggest in the last five years because some 40 businessmen from Indonesia met with 70 trading partners from Poland.

Overall, the trade ministry has set itself the target of exporting non-oil commodities worth about US$ 2.28 billion to Italy, hoping the exports to increase to US$ 8.27 billion in 2019.

Indonesian non-oil exports to Italy in 2014 amounted to US$ 2.28 billion, while the Indonesian non-oil exports to Italy in the period from January to February 2015 reach US$ 346 million.

Indonesias main export commodities to Italy in the January-February 2015 period is palm oil with a share of 40.3 percent, coal with a share of 9.8 percent, a coffee with a share of 6.6 percent, t-shirt with a share of 3.8 percent, and leather shoes with a share of 3.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Indonesian imports from Italy in 2014 amounted to US$ 1.72 billion, and in January-February 2015 amounted to US$ 218 million.

The main products of Indonesias imports from Italy are dishwasher with a share of 13.8 percent, taps for pipes with a share of 7.9 percent, and tobacco processing machine with a share of 3.8 percent of Indonesias total imports from Italy.(*)