Softbank Posts Web Video Showing Modern-Day Samurai Demonstrating Quick Sword Drawing, Cutting

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TOKYO, May 15 (Antara/Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet) --

SoftBank Mobile Corp. posted on May 15 a promotional video on the Internet featuring Mr. Isao Machii, the world-famous, modern-day samurai, demonstrating his highly sophisticated, Guinness-verified art of quick sword draws and cuts.


The video shows Mr. Machii's superhuman feats, a must-see, cutting in half a variety of objects, including an orange, a fried shrimp, and a gleaming ball, flying toward him at high speed in the darkness.   

The video is aimed at focusing on the high speed of SoftBank's 4G LTE network by way of showing "iai" or a branch of swordsmanship developed for instantaneous sword drawing and cutting.

Also in the video, Mr. Machii successfully renewed his own Guinness record for the "Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (Suegiri)," after an interval of seven years, boosting the number of cuts to a free-standing straw mat roll from seven to eight.  

(Guinness World Records (R) is the registered trademark of Guinness World Records Ltd.)  

Visit SoftBank Mobile's official website at See Mr. Machii's video at  

Guinness World Records verified that Mr. Machii on April 23, 2015, broke the record he had held for the "Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (Suegiri)" by increasing the number of cuts from seven to eight.  

Swordsmen compete for the number of cuts to a 90cm-tall, free-standing straw mat roll. It is extremely difficult to cut a straw mat roll standing alone without its ground contact point being fixed or supported by something else. Unless it is cut with the right speed and precision, the mat roll will fall on the ground.  

Moreover, as the straw mat roll becomes shorter after multiple cuts, the swordsman will have to swing the sword harder, running the risk of hitting the ground and breaking the sword.  

But, if he puts less power in his swing so as not to hit the ground, the swordsman may end up seeing the sword stuck in the mat roll or the roll lying on the ground.

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