Government doubles agricultural budget to Rp32 trillion

Bantul, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - The government will double budget funds for the development of the agricultural sector this year to Rp32 trillion to support its program to achieve self-reliance in food production, a legislator stated.

"We, the House of Representatives, have agreed to double the budget funds to Rp32 trillion from Rp16 trillion allocated previously," Deputy Chief of the House Commission IV Titiek Soeharto stated on the sidelines of her visit to Bantul district to distribute agricultural tools in a bid to provide assistance to farmer groups on Friday.

The budget funds will be used to improve the tertiary irrigation system and to procure fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural tools to increase productivity in a bid to support the governments program to achieve self-reliance in food production, she affirmed.

"Just in Bantul district, the assistance includes 10 hand tractors and five water pumps. The assistance has been handed over to farmer groups who are entitled to it and are registered with the local agricultural office," she remarked.

According to her, the budget fund to boost farm production may be further increased in the revised 2015 state budget, and the House Commission IV will make the necessary efforts.

"In the revised 2015 state budget, there will be additional budget funds earmarked for registered farmer groups. Therefore, if farmer groups have not been registered, they should register with the relevant office," he added.(*)