Miaozhen Systems' Ravi: China's Data Marketing Model Leads New Trend in Asia Pacific

Miaozhen Systems' Ravi: China's Data Marketing Model Leads New Trend in Asia Pacific

Ravi, vice president of Miaozhen System's Global Business Development, delivering a speech at iMedia Brand Summit 2015 (ANTARA/PR Newswire)

SANYA, China, June 12, 2015 (Antara/PRNewswire) -- iMedia Brand Summit 2015, the globally respected event of the marketing advertisement and media industry, successfully concluded on June 3. Ravikumar Shankar, global business development vice president at Miaozhen Systems, the strategic partner of the event and the third-party marketing data technology giant, was invited to deliver a speech entitled "The changing profile of advertisement delivery across the Asia Pacific region during the era of the multi-screen in 2015." He believes that the general trend of the multi-screen era is the convergence of all forms of media. China's data marketing monitoring technologies are becoming increasingly mature, leading the trend in setting the model in advertisement monitoring and evaluation across the Asia Pacific region.  

Ravikumar Shankar shared his views on the new changes influencing advertisement delivery in China and in other Asia pacific countries in the era of the multi-screen then followed with a presentation on Miaozhen Systems' leading data marketing technology and the firm's services specifically tailored to the Asia Pacific market.

Internet penetration: imbalanced development across the APAC Region

APAC quickly entering the mobile era with the multi-screen media model taking shape

Media penetration of mobile devices iswell ahead that of PCs and other large screen devices. To cite some facts, mainland China can match Japan and South Korea with over 90 per cent of their consumers watching videos on mobile phones and TV, while the country lags far behind Japan and South Korea in terms of media penetration on PCs with a mere 44 per cent of its consumers browsing the internet on a PC on a daily basis. Mobile penetration across the rest of Southeast Asia is still on the rise despite an even lower PC penetration.

PCs have exceeded traditional television in terms of the number of hours spent in front of the screen. In particular, an increasing number of consumers watch videos on mobile phones.

China's big data marketing model helps Asian brand owners enhancereturns on media investment

Despite these changes, with its powerful data processing capability and extensive experience in program management and optimization, Miaozhen Systems can help brand owners better adapt to the changing market and deliver the biggest value for their media advertising. Ravikumar Shankar explained, "Miaozhen Systems has conducted data monitoring and management optimization for over 20,000 ad campaigns in China and 600 in Japan. In addition, the company managed 240 ad campaigns in Indonesia and 200 such campaigns in India. An increasing number of brands in 13 countries across Asia rely on Miaozhen's strength in data management to optimize the results of their media investment."

As for multi-screen media optimization, Ravikumar Shankar stated, somewhat surprisingly, "We prefer to use big data to precisely identify the target audience, having 20 consumers watch the same ad once rather than having one consumer watch the same ad 20 times. Tailoring an APAC media budget to place ads in specific regions based on an analysis of the target audience and their media consumption habits is expected to deliver significantly higher reach and lower ad costs compared with national decentralized ad placement, leading to an effective increase in sales."

Asian countries vary in terms of ad forms, duration and placement strategies of online videos. Ravi offered the opinion that China's successful practices in terms of online advertising provide an effective reference for brand owners from other Asian countries. Miaozhen Systems will continue to offer proven product models in the field of monitoring technology, sampling, DMP and programmed ad placement, helping brands from all over the world advance their marketing efforts.

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