Currently, some 12,837 Chinese IMTA holders are still staying in Indonesia."
Cilacap (ANTARA News) - Manpower Minister M. Hanif Dhakiri has denied media reports on the influx of Chinese workers into Indonesia.

"The issue regarding the influx of Chinese workers is not true. We must ensure that every foreigner working in Indonesia follows the procedures in accordance with the existing manpower regulations," the minister noted in a statement, here, Tuesday.

The ministry has been highly selective in permitting foreigners to work in Indonesia in line with the existing laws, he pointed out.

During the period between January 1, 2014 and May 2015, the ministry has issued 41,365 Foreign Workers Employment Permits (IMTAs) to people from China.

Of this number, 26,579 worked in trade and services, 11,114 in industry, and 3,672 in agriculture.

"Currently, some 12,837 Chinese IMTA holders are still staying in Indonesia," he affirmed.

Every foreign worker in Indonesia must have an IMTA.

"If they do not have an IMTA, they are illegal migrant workers and must be deported by the immigration office," he noted.

Earlier, lawmaker Heri Gunawan of Gerindra Party expressed concern over the influx of Chinese workers to Indonesia.

"It is obviously disadvantageous for Indonesian workers. While several Indonesians are jobless, Chinese citizens come to work in Indonesia. It increases the competition in the countrys job market," Deputy Chairman of the Commission VI of the House of Representatives Gunawan recently noted in a statement.

Job opportunities in Indonesia, particularly for skilled and high-level jobs, are being increasingly grabbed by foreigners, especially from China, he emphasized.

Chinese manual laborers also come to Indonesia in search of jobs, he stated.

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