Police send five escaped Afghan detainees to Pontianak immigration

Pontianak, W Kalimantan, (ANTARA News) - The Pontianak City Police have handed over five Afghanistan detainees, who had escaped from the Pontianak detention center, to the local Class I Immigration office on Wednesday.

"We have handed over the five Afghanistan nationals to the Class I Immigration office in Pontianak for further legal process," Pontianak Intel Police Chief Commissioner Saleh stated here on Friday.

Saleh noted that the five Afghanistan nationals had escaped due to overcrowding at the immigrations detention house located in Sungai Raya, Kubu Raya.

"The five Afghan nationals were apprehended by the Polices Mobile Brigade personnel and then handed over to us. After further coordination, the five foreigners were then handed over to the Class I Immigration office in Pontianak for further processing," remarked Saleh.

The five Afghan nationals are Mohammad Jawad (16), Bisharat Ali (27), Shujaat Ali (18), Ahmad Reza, and Mubarak Shah (24).

"Currently, the five Afghans are still being held in the Class I immigration detention room in Pontianak," Saleh affirmed.

The Pontianak detention center is yet to release any official statement regarding the escape of the five Afghan nationals who were secured shortly by the police to be detained in custody at the Class I Immigration room in Pontianak.

The detention centers Head of Security and Order Achmad Rizal had earlier complained about the condition of the detention centers holding cell that is exceeding thrice its supposed capacity.

"Currently, the Pontianak detention center has 284 cell occupants, whereas its normal capacity only accommodates 100 people, and hence, it is exceeding its capacity by 184 people," Rizal pointed out.

Rizal explained that the capacity had exceeded due to the presence of several surrogate detainees who have already exceeded their custody period.

"In fact, as many as 19 fishermen from Myanmar are detained here for six years and has not been repatriated or picked up by the Embassy of Myanmar," Rizal stated.

Currently, the Pontianak Immigration Detention Center is accommodating 284 detainees, comprising 164 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, 58 refugees, and 58 perpetrators of illegal fishing in the West Kalimantan waters, such as from Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, the Peoples Republic of China, and Laos, Rizal added.