I believe better communication is needed prior to organizing such events."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The situation in the Karubaga region of Tolikara district, Papua province, has returned to normal, but security personnel remain posted there to maintain law and order following the sectarian attack on July 17.

Speaking to journalists here on Monday, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno said that security personnel were deployed in Tolikara to thwart any untoward incidents from occurring.

According to Purdijatno, adherents of all religions in the district are allowed to perform their respective religious services, and there was no letter that prohibited Muslims from performing Idul Fitri prayers.

The Tolikara-based Injili Churchs seminar organizing committee has denied having issued any letter that prohibited Muslims in the area from performing Idul Fitri prayers, he added.

"The organizing committee denied the allegation. So where did the letter come from? It could be a product of parties who want to disrupt peace in the area," he remarked.

The minister also pointed out that nothing can prevent followers of any religion from practicing activities of their own faiths in Indonesia.

Prior to the attack on kiosks and Baitul Mustaqin Mosque the day local Muslims were performing Idul Fitri prayers, credible media reports had revealed that a provocative letter had been widely circulated through social media platforms.

Moreover, Vice President Jusuf Kalla condemned the incident, which had led to the death of a local resident and to a number of others sustaining injuries during local policemens efforts to control the chaotic situation.

"We deplore the Tolikara incident. I do believe that the police and local leaders can resolve the problem appropriately," he emphasized on the sidelines of an open house event to celebrate Idul Fitri last Friday.

According to the reports he had received, the vice president noted that on the day of the incident, two events were being held simultaneously in the Karubaga area of Tolikara district.

These were a meeting of the community leaders of Injili Church and an Idul Fitri prayer service.

"The root cause of the problem was reportedly related to the use of loudspeakers. I believe better communication is needed prior to organizing such events," he said.

Moreover, Chairman of the Communication Forum of All Indonesian Mosque Managers (Fahmi Tamami) Rhoma Irama has called on all Muslims and Christians in the country to not be provoked by the Tolikara incident.

Instead, all Muslims are urged to play an active role in building peace among adherents of different religions in Indonesia, he stated at a press conference.

Irama, who is widely known as the king of dangdut music, affirmed that his organization has planned to set up a team to investigate the Tolikara incident, to help all Muslims understand it comprehensively.

(Reported by Fransiska Ninditya/Uu.R013/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

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