Together, let us promote humanitarian attitudes."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Regional Leaders Communications Forum (Forkompimda) of Papua province will be able to resolve the Tolikara incident, according to a minister.

"In a meeting, local leaders from all sides affirmed that they will be able to resolve the Tolikara incident," Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Tedjo Edy Purdijatno said here on Saturday.

The minister added that the local forum expressed their commitment to handling the issue in a meeting held at the governors office. They discussed the Tolikara incident when Muslims were attacked while they were performing their Eid prayers on Friday last week.

"The Muslims and Christians themselves asked for the problem in Tolikara to be settled. They told the authorities they want to resolve their own problems. The statement was made by religious figures such as Toni Wangga of Papua, including members of NU, Indonesias largest Muslim organization," Purdijatno pointed out.

He further noted here on Saturday that the situation in Tolikara, Papua, has been calm since the riot broke out on July 17.

"The situation has been peaceful and stable. That is the important thing. I reiterate that Tolikara has been peaceful. It was also assured at a meeting of the Regional Leaders Communication Forum yesterday," he affirmed.

Purdijatno added that the situation had been confirmed as peaceful based on reports from various parties, including security agencies, religious figures and Papuan executives.

"According to reports I received, including from you journalists, the Friday prayers were held peacefully yesterday in Karubaga (the capital of Tolikara district). There were no prohibitions or disruptions," he stated.

The peaceful Friday prayers reflected how the local and provincial governments and stakeholders, including Muslims and Christians in Papua, had worked to settle the problem, he remarked.

"Papuan religious figures wished they could settle the Tolikara problem themselves because Muslims and Christians in the province live harmoniously and with tolerance. They said they could settle it among themselves," the minister said.

Moreover, he appealed to journalists in Papua to disseminate balanced information with professionalism.

"We hope you journalists are wise while reporting a case with potential to have huge impacts. Together, let us promote humanitarian attitudes," he emphasized.

The minister and his entourage met with the Forkompinda of Papua at the Papuan governors office on Friday to discuss the Tolikara incident.

He arrived at Sentani Airport at 12:00 hours East Indonesia Time and immediately proceeded to the governors office with the sixth deputy for political, security and legal affairs, Arif Mukiyat.

Purdijatno was welcomed at the airport by Jayapura District Head Mathius Awoitauw, Chief of the Jayapura 1701 Military Command Lieutenant Colonel Yoyok Pranowo, Assistant of the Governor of Papua Doren Wakerkwa, and Chief of the Jayapura Airbase Colonel I Made Susila Adyana.

At the governors office, he was welcomed by Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe, 7th Cenderawasih Military Commander Major General Fransen Siahaan, Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende, Chairman of the Papuan Legislative Assembly Yunus Wonda, Head of the Papua High Prosecutors Office Herman da Silva, and President of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI) Dorman Wandikmbo.

He held the discussion over dinner in a restaurant at the provincial capital with journalists and the executive board of the Papuan regional branch of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI).

A group of people believed to be members of GIDI attacked Muslims who were performing Eid prayers on Friday, July 17.

According to the chairman of the Communion of Evangelical Churches and Institutions in Indonesia, Roni Mandang, there was chaos after police officers fired shots at them, which led to the torching of kiosks. Flames from these fires spread to the Islamic house of prayer, once it was known that a person had been shot dead.

Furthermore, Spokesman for the Public Information Division of the National Police Senior Commissioner Suharsono revealed that the police had opened fire to control the rioters and to keep them away from the mosque.

It was later confirmed that one person was killed and 11 others wounded in the incident.

Following the incident, the country was gripped with tension.

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