"Do not let our nation fail to survive. Building the nation`s capacity will enable us to survive, deal with various challenges, and move forward," Boediono said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former vice president Boediono laid emphasis on the importance of building the nations capacity, reiterating that it would ensure Indonesias continued survival amid stiff competition among nations in the present and future.

"Do not let our nation fail to survive. Building the nations capacity will enable us to survive, deal with various challenges, and move forward," he informed Antara here on Thursday in an interview regarding the 70th anniversary of Indonesian independence.

Boediono, who paired with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his second term in office (2009-2014), remarked that an economic crisis that could set a nation back for a decade, for instance, was akin to an earthquake whose occurrence could not precisely be forecast.

Therefore, the best strategy for ensuring Indonesias survival is to strengthen its capacity and focus on formulating and implementing necessary measures for strengthening the foundation of the nation, so that it can survive in any situation, he explained.

"Our ability to survive will contribute to our success in competing with other nations in the long term," stated Boediono, widely known as an outstanding economist of the Yogyakarta-based Gadjah Mada University.

The foundation that supports Indonesias ability to survive and win in the stiff competition among nations is closely linked to the availability of high-quality human resources, institutions, and infrastructure, he pointed out.

However, the best and brightest human resources will be available if every infant born in Indonesia is supported by integrated healthcare and education programs that help in bringing them up well and in developing their potential optimally.

"Regarding the institutions, it is related to the rules and regulations, and the people who implement them. In this case, long-term efforts are needed to improve and strengthen political, bureaucratic, and legal institutions," he affirmed.

Indonesia also requires an excellent infrastructure network that will support the nations efforts to secure its basic needs for a long period of time, such as 50 to 100 years.

"If we can develop and manage human resources, institutions, and infrastructure well, we are optimistic of being able to build a bright future," he added.(*)

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