Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia's human resources are ready to operate a nuclear power plant, Team Leader of the IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Services (IRRS) Mission, Carl-Magnus Larsson, stated.

"Indonesia has already operated a nuclear reactor for decades, and this is evident by the existence of an experimental nuclear power reactor," Larsson noted during a press conference, here on Friday.

Larsson remarked that the experimental GA Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor is located in Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten.

However, Larsson pointed out that the nuclear power plant, which would take at least 10 years to construct, will then be connected to the Java-Madura-Bali power grid.

"Therefore, the preparations must begin immediately," Larsson affirmed.

From the review, Larsson assessed that Indonesia also has capable human resources. The IRRS Missions 12-day visit to Indonesia has recorded no negative notes regarding nuclear supervision in the country.

IRRS Mission's review was only conducted to offer several suggestions and recommendations regarding the importance of national policies and strategies and coordination between the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (Bapeten) and other institutions.

With regard to the number of rejections to the plan to develop a nuclear power plant, Larsson insisted that this problem could be overcome by maintaining a positive outlook and adhering to a clear political strategy.

"The most important aspect among all is transparency," Larsson emphasized.

Bapeten Chief, Jazi Istiyanto, admitted that it is difficult to start the construction of nuclear power plants if they have to wait for 100 percent public approval.

"The results of the surveys conducted by independent institutions showed that public acceptance for the development of nuclear power plants has reached 72 percent, and I think why do we not just proceed? If we wait for 100 percent approval, our uranium reserves might just run out by that time," Istiyanto added.

Editor: Ade P Marboen
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