Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Polices Criminal Investigation Corps (Bareskrims) Chief, Commissioner General Anang Iskandar, plans to join hands with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to enforce the law.

"I will have a friendly meeting with KPKs leaders to build a synergy among law enforcement institutions," Iskandar said on Friday.

On Tuesday, Commissioner General Waseso was officially sworn in as the Head of the BNN to replace Iskandar.

Meanwhile, Iskandar received the nod to lead the National Polices Criminal Investigation Division.

"I will be here as a symbol of good cooperation," Iskandar said.

However, he refrained from explaining the details of proposed cooperation between the two institutions.

Acting KPK Deputy Chairman, Johan Budi said Iskandar had also met with police investigators, who served in the KPK.

"The National Polices Criminal Investigation Corps (Bareskrim) Chief Anang Iskandar met with KPK leaders and introduced himself. He also talked about his career," Budi said.

However, Budi did not talk about the new programs that will be implemented by the two law enforcement agencies.

"It is just a friendly visit. We discussed our previous programs in terms of prevention, cooperation to save the loss of the country," he said.

Earlier, General Badrodin Haiti had spoken to the House of Representatives Commission-III on Tuesday about Commissioner General Wasesos transfer from his earlier post as the National Polices Crime Investigation Department Chief to the National Narcotics Agencys (BNNs) Chief.

"Commissioner General Wasesos transfer from his post to become the BNN head has been done in accordance with the procedure," Haiti remarked.

Haiti explained that the procedure was in accordance with the Presidential Decree on organizational structure, wherein the appointment and dismissal of two-star senior police officers is done by the police chief after consulting with the President.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla also assured everyone on Friday that the replacement of Waseso was not a political move.

"No, it is not political. It is an entirely professional decision," Kalla stated after giving directives at a working meeting of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

He remarked that the transfer of posts in the police force and other institutions, including ministries, was a common practice.

He clarified that Wasesos transfer had also not been ordered because his performance was bad.

"Narcotic crime rates are also high. So, it will be appropriate for him to be stationed there," he pointed out.(*)

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