This is not just for now."
Bandung (ANTARA News) - A long-term solution is required to overcome the problem of haze arising from forest fires in Indonesia, Singapores Ambassador to Indonesia Anil Kumar Nayar stated.

"We must unite to overcome the problem of haze. We should find a long-term solution. The problem should be addressed properly," Nayar noted here on Tuesday.

According to the ambassador, haze is an environmental, economic, and health problem that has been faced by Indonesians.

"Therefore, we must cooperate to find a solution as soon as possible," Nayar emphasized.

Speaking in connection with Singapores assistance, Nayar remarked that the country is ready to deploy an aircraft to extinguish the forest fires in Indonesia.

"We have offered the aircraft and expertise. This is not just for now," Nayar stated.

The haze has reached Malaysia and Singapore.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had instructed the concerned parties to send one thousand military personnel to Riau Province in order to help extinguish forest fires in the region.

"Although I am on a visit to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, I continue to monitor the developments relating to the forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan," the president informed journalists in Doha on Monday.

"I have just issued orders to immediately dispatch one thousand soldiers to Riau to overcome the thick smog," the head of state affirmed.

Last week, a total of one thousand soldiers were sent to help put out the forest fires in South Sumatra.

"Previously, one thousand soldiers had been sent to Ogan Ilir, Musi Banyuasin, and Banyu Asin due to the concentration of forest fires in the three districts. Now, we have sent an additional one thousand military personnel to Riau," Jokowi stated.

In addition, the president has also received information about rainfall in Riau.

Even though it rained and the extinguishing efforts are ongoing, however the president insisted that law enforcement efforts should be carried out, so that forest fires will not recur every year.

"I have urged the chief of the National Police to uphold the law, so they (forest fires) will not occur every year. I also appeal to the local government and citizens to jointly extinguish the forest fires," he explained.

Previously, President Jokowi had ordered every stakeholder to help extinguish forest fires and to tackle haze engulfing parts of Indonesia over the past few weeks, National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Head Willem Rampangilei stated.

"The presidents instruction on the ongoing haze disaster is to extinguish the fires and to end the haze problem immediately," Rampangilei remarked while visiting the command post of the forest fire task force at the Roesmin Nurjadin Air Force Base, Pekanbaru, recently.

"Within two weeks, plantation fires must be put out," Rampangilei quoted Jokowi as saying.

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