Beirut (ANTARA News) - Seventy percent of Syrian refugee families in Lebanon live under the line of poverty as they earn less 3.48 U.S. dollars per person, the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNRWA) reported.

In a report highlighting the financial needs of the Syrian refugees, the UNRWA said that it has received 763 million dollars until the end of September 2014, which represents about 40 percent of the needed amount of 1.87 billion dollars the Lebanese government plan to address the refugees crisis."

The report pointed that "the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon stand currently at 1,119,941," adding that it has "annulled the registration of more than 58,000 refugees and removed their names from the agencys data sheets, following an examination process to verify whether they were still living on the Lebanese territories."

As for the preparations for the coming winter season, the report said that the "agency will start distributing the basic aid needs such as blankets, and winter clothing, to enable the refugees confront the expected cold and stormy weather."

Lebanon called on the International community to support it financially to be able to provide the needed basic aid for the Syrian refugees as its government is unable to handle the issue on its own.

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