President Jokowi plants "capsule of dreams" in Papua

President Jokowi plants "capsule of dreams" in Papua

"Lets Work!" The Time Capsule of Indonesia Dreams for 2015 to 2085. (ANTARA)

To be able to work with high spirit, we must harbor dreams."
Merauke, Papua (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to plant a "Capsule of Dreams for 2085" in Hasanap Sai field in Merauke District, Papua, on Wednesday.

The canister containing the documents of Indonesias dreams for the 2015 to 2085 period would be planted after being carried 24,089 kilometers across the countrys 34 provinces since September 22, 2015, that have been collected from the easternmost to the westernmost points of the country, according to Nick Nurachman, the executive coordinator of the event.

The time capsule would be planted permanently at the Time Capsule of Indonesia Dreams for 2015 to 2085 Monument.

Earlier, in 2015, President Jokowi launched a "Lets Work" national campaign from Indonesias westernmost zero kilometer point in Sabang, Aceh, to emphasize the importance of commitment and hard work to optimize the countrys potentials.

Men from Indonesias creative younger generation hailed the call and organized a "Time Capsule Expedition," a unique idea in history to collect the penned dreams of the public from across the countrys provinces as an initial step to motivate the nation to forge ahead.

This is also part of the "Lets Work" national campaign launched to mark the 70th anniversary of Indonesias independence.

Abdee Negara, one of the initiators and musician of Slank group band, affirmed that a dream is an important element in life.

"To be able to work with high spirit, we must harbor dreams. This expedition is a mission to gather and integrate the dreams of all the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke and unite them in a common dream to encourage the countrys younger generation to work and fight to fulfill their dreams, which are Indonesias dreams," he affirmed.

Jay Wijayanto, who is also the coordinator of the activity, remarked that President Jokowi had received and studied the penned dreams of 238 people from across 34 provinces in the country.

President Jokowi will also document his dreams and hopes, which will be part of the Time Capsule Monument of Indonesian Dreams 2015 to 2085, he noted.

The time capsule is expected to inspire every individual and family in Indonesia to dream as high as the sky for the glory and welfare of the nation.

A national committee, regional committees, the community, mass organizations, community figures, school students, and regional governments across the country are part of the expedition.

The expedition, in its 90-day journey, has received a warm welcome on arrival in each province, thereby demonstrating the peoples enthusiasm to entrust their dreams, which will be made public in 2085.