Meanwhile. Co-pilot Sergenat Major syaiful is still missing, but he reportedly survives."
Malang (ANTARA News) - The crash of a Super Tucano single-turboprop aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force in a densely-populated area of Malang, East Java Province, on Wednesday, killed the jet fighters pilot and two civilians.

Pilot Major Ivy Safatillah was rushed to a Malang hospital for serious injuries, but he did not survive, Major Hamdi Landong Allo of the Abdurrahman Saleh Air Force Base said.

"Meanwhile. Co-pilot Sergeant Major Syaiful is still missing, but he reportedly survives," he added.

During evacuation of the planes wreckage, the co-pilots ejection seat was found empty, and earlier a parachute was discovered on Ikan Tombro street. The co-pilot is still being looked for.

The Brazil-made aircraft crashed in Malang on Wednesday at 10.05 a.m. local time, a witness said. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Ananda, whose house is not so far from the area where this Air Force training plane crashed, said he saw the aircraft hovering with loud sounds before falling to the ground.

The Air Force officers were carrying out the evacuation of the planes wreckage, while the area was guarded by police officers.

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