JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 7, 2016 (Antara) -- Telecommunication industry - and its by-products such as communication, informatics, and digital - is an undeniable never-ending story. It is one of the most rapidly changing dan growing industries out there. Increasingly more and more companies within the industry crack the whip to innovate and hone their competitive edge to face the merciless game in the pitch. Among those companies, PT Menara KPM, an emerging telco tower construction solution provider in Indonesia, has been geared up to be the chosen one.

The Director of PT Menara KPM, Ika Sarawati Sarah, said "Unarguably, telco business is such an endless game. There's so many opportunities waiting to be explored, and that's why we will be focused on this business."

Sarah continued that, instead of being a standalone business, the telco industry can be synergized with another industry, like energy, in which the telco can provide the transmission network for the power plant, to further optimize the revenue. "That's why i said that this is an endless game. We will continue focusing on our core business - BTS tower construction - while exploring more business oppotunities with the other industries."

She added, despite its core business as a BTS tower developer, the company is set to expand its scope of work to be the fiber optic network developer. "Instead of being too comfortable with our market leading position as a telco tower developer, we decided to expand our capability to provide the FTTH and FTTB development solution," added Sarah.

Starting 2016, PT Menara KPM has won several short term projects in which it became the main contractor of MCP (micro cell power) and small-scale BTW towers with micro cell frequency. "In addition, we also provide the maintenance to the existing towers as well as MCP and FO," said Sarah.

While for the long term projects, the company will participate in a number of high profile tenders and aims to be the government partner in eGov initiative.

"In the energy, under the government's 35.000 MW electricity development initiative, we will see a partnership with the State Electricity Company (PLN) in building the electricity transmission towers," Sarah concluded.

About PT Menara KPM
PT Menara KPM is a subsidiary of Kutilang Paksi Mas Group, The energy group with capabilities to give solutions on future energy, including energy source for power, convert to electricity , solutions for energy growth, related also for remote area, up to complex industrial area, all for better life in civilizations.

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