Retno Marsudi assures Indonesian mission in Palestine accomplished

Retno Marsudi assures Indonesian mission in Palestine accomplished

Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi (right), took a picture after the opening of Indonesian Honorary Consulate for Palestine, in Indonesia's Embassy in Amman, Jordania, Sunday (March 13). Maha Abu-Shusheh (left) was the first Indonesia's Honorary Consul that Marsudi gave her the "Tauliah Letter". (ANTARA FOTO/Indonesia's Embassy in Amman/Adam)

... mission accomplished...
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, assured that Indonesia's mission to inaugurate Maha Abu-Shusheh, Indonesia's first-ever lady Honorary Consul to Palestine, has been accomplished.

"As you can see, (it is) mission accomplished. Regardless of everything that Israel did to prevent me from entering Ramallah, we could still manage to ensure that the inauguration of Indonesian honorary consul to Ramallah in our embassy in Amman, Jordan, proceeded smoothly," she said. 

Marsudi was speaking after having accompanied President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to meet the Belgium delegates at the National Palace on Tuesday.

Initially, Marsudi and her entourage were scheduled to officially meet Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyadh Al-Maliki, as well as to open an honorary consulate in Ramallah, Palestine.

But on Sunday morning (March 13), Israeli authorities refused to give her a visa for entering the Palestine region.

Already anticipating such a challenge, Marsudi and her team decided that the most appropriate decision will be to inaugurate the honorary consul in the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

"We took the best decision that we had thought over before departing for Ramallah, because I was given a mission to inaugurate the honorary consul," she stated.

The inauguration was also attended by Al-Maliki who undertook an overland trip from Ramallah to Amman.

In addition, she did not feel any need to speak to the Israeli government regarding the Indonesian honorary consulate in Ramallah since it was a matter between Indonesian and Palestine.

President Jokowi, she said, was satisfied that the mission was carried out perfectly as one of Indonesia's foreign policy achievements.