London (ANTARA News) - Indonesia has again promoted its specialty coffee in the Netherlands to draw the attention of several people in The Hague.

The promotional activity, being conducted through the Indonesia Coffee Festival, complied with the Indonesian governments policy to conduct economic diplomacy in the Netherlands.

The promotion at the New Babylon Meeting Center was organized by the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague along with the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in the Netherlands and PPI in The Hague, Minister Counsellor of Information, Social, and Cultural Affairs for the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague Azis Nurwahyudi informed Antara here on Monday.

In his remarks, Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Wesaka Puja stated that coffee was one of Indonesias leading export commodities as the country was the fourth-largest coffee producer in the world.

The Indonesian government has continued to expand its overseas markets, especially in Europe, he remarked.

Chairman of the Committee on The Hagues PPI Priska Astasari stated that the joint activity was also aimed at promoting economic development in Indonesia.

Some seven companies from Indonesia were invited to participate in the festival: Adena Coffee, Javanusa, De Ngokow Coffee, Ephraim Coffee, Asasta Power, Mr O, and Blanco Coffee and Book.

During the festival, some talk shows were organized to hold discussions on the various traits of Indonesian coffee.

For instance, Charis Christian Julianto from the Ephraim Coffee Company disseminated information on coffee farming in Indonesia, including the history of the emergence of coffee beans in Indonesia and the concept of sustainable coffee production adopted by the Indonesian coffee farmers and entrepreneurs.

Thereafter, Sara Datuk from the Javanusa Company provided information on the different flavors of coffee from various regions in Indonesia, such as the provinces of Aceh, West Java, and Papua.

Aki Baihaki noted that fair trade in coffee should be profitable for entrepreneurs and the coffee farmers.

Barista Yakup Aydin also demonstrated the ways of making espresso and latte art.

Bimo Pramana from the Blanco Coffee and Book Company in Yogyakarta Province stated that by attending the Indonesia Coffee Festival in The Hague, he had gained a new experience and had increase his knowledge regarding the demand in the European market, especially in the Netherlands.

The event also offered an opportunity to build a network among coffee entrepreneurs in both countries.

Reported by Zeynita Gibbons



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