"The use of Pertamax Turbo is a follow up of a cooperation agreement between Pertamina as a `technical partner` with Lamborghini," Wianda said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - PT Pertamina has launched a new automotive oil fuel brand in Europe, Pertamax Turbo, specially for high technology cars including race cars (super cars).

Vice President for Corporate Communications of the state energy company Wianda Pusponegoro said the launch was marked with the filling with Pertamax Turbo oil fuel of a race car of Pertaminas Vice President for Fuel Marketing Affandi in a Lamborghini Blancpain Supertrofeo Series, Spa-Francorchamps circuit , in Belgium.

"The use of Pertamax Turbo is a follow up of a cooperation agreement between Pertamina as a technical partner with Lamborghini," Wianda said in a statement here on Sunday.

She said both sides had worked together to develop Pertamax Turbo for the latest technology cars fueled with gasoline.

"Pertamax Turbo is an advanced form of Pertamax Plus , which has a RON (research octane number/octane number) of at least 98 complete with ignition boost formula (IBF)," she said.

Pertamax Turbo has gone through trial run in a car race of Lamborghini Blancpain Supertrofeo European, Vallelunya circuit in Italy early January, 2016.

The successful test resulted in a cooperation between Pertamina and the Centro Petroli Roma (CPR) as the partner of Lamborghini in the distribution of Pertamax Turbo in all European circuits.

Wianda said so far Pertamax Turbo has been used in four races including the races of Monza in Italy,Silverstone in Britain,Paul Richard in France and Spa Francorchamps in Belgium .

Fuels with higher octane is needed for cars with engine of more advanced technology, she said.

"More advanced technology such as with the use of supercharger and turbocharger has high pressure of engine compressors of motor vehicles that fuel with higher octane is needed," she added.

Pertamax Turbo proved that it could meet the requirement, enabling cars to maneuver easily, engine acceleration is better that the cars could run at top speed, she said.

The engine combustion is perfect and the engine power increases that Pertamax Turbo is suitable for vehicles with compressor pressure of more than 12, she added.

She said the use of the fuel in prestigious car races in Europe has won recognition of the quality and performance of Pertamx Turbo.

It is environmentally friendly with less gas emissions, she added.

"Pertamax Turbo would be introduced in Indonesian market targeting those already use gasoline with RON of 95. It is already accepted in Europe, therefore, we are optimistic it should be more acceptable to the market in the country," Wianda said.(*)

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