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If you are setting off for Brazil, remember to take along your UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) so as to enjoy convenient and preferential service. Now, 60% of merchants and 30,000 ATMs in Brazil accept UnionPay cards, and many merchants provide exclusive UnionPay card offers.

Tip 1: Withdraw cash at airports and in malls

You can withdraw cash and check balance with UnionPay cards at ATMs of Itau Bank and Citibank. Itau Bank is the largest local commercial bank and has about 30,000 ATMs across Brazil. The Bank charges the lowest ATM commission fee: 6 BRL per transaction.

In Copacabana, Ipanema, and Barra, there are over 20 Itau Bank ATMs in each of these beach districts. Each ATM has a cap on a single cash withdrawal, generally 750 BRL.

You are advised to withdraw cash at airports and in malls. Itau ATMs can be found at Rio de Janeiro International Airport, Shopping Botafogo, Leblon Mall, and Barra Shopping.

Tip 2: Churrasco shops and jewelry stores accept UnionPay cards

In Brazil, merchants that accept UnionPay cards cover most of the local restaurants, over 10 jewelry stores of H.Stern and Amsterdam Sauer in Sao Paulo, Rio, Iguazu, Manaus and Brasilia, as well as Havaianas and Melissa brand stores. You can use UnionPay cards to buy tickets to Sugarloaf Mountain Park too.

UnionPay chip card is recommended for it's safer and more convenient. Local cashiers will ask you whether you are using Debit or Credit card. Please answer 'Credit' whatever your card is.

Tip 3: Many merchants provide UnionPay exclusive offers

Paying with UnionPay cards, you can get a Rio-style T-shirt at H.stern, Amsterdam Sauer and Moreno in Rio, and enjoy 10% off at Restaurant ChonKou and Restaurant Chinese Palace.

Exclusive UnionPay card offers are also provided at many duty-free stores at transit airports, such as BuY PARIS DUTY FREE at Airport Charles De Gaulle and Orly Airport, DFS at JFK International Airport, and International Shoppes and Dufry at five major airports in the US.

Besides Brazil, UnionPay cards can be used conveniently in 11 other Latin American countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bahamas, Surinam, and Cuba. UnionPay card are mainly accepted in major cities and tourist destinations, covering scenic spots, malls, duty-free stores, and restaurants popular among tourists. Almost all merchants and ATMs in Cuba, and over 80% of ATMs and 100,000 merchants in Mexico accept UnionPay cards.

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