Asset declaration data very important: Minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has said data about the assets that the taxpayers have declared in the country and abroad is very important to plan Indonesias economy in a better way.

"The most valuable outcome (of the tax amnesty scheme) is the data that it has generated, including declarations of assets of various kinds. A lot of economic assets that had not been recorded so far, are now on record," Sri Mulyani said at the Directorate General of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance, South Jakarta, on Tuesday.

She added that the declared assets of the taxpayers have now reached over Rp2,000 trillion. This level of assets will ensure that the countrys economy is now a stronger footing.

"The declaration in itself is a tremendous asset, an excellent source of information. It will make sure that the economic activity is more accurately recorded and planned," she stated.

Such economic data, she underlined, will even prove beneficial for the businesses themselves as they will find it easier to make more informed estimates and exploit the economic potential.

Also, the government would now onwards be better informed in formulating better targeted policies.

Sri, a former Managing Director of the World Bank, said the tax amnesty program has begun the move towards a tradition of good tax compliance.

"I welcome it because it marks the start of a good tax compliance tradition, which I am sure will benefit all Indonesian people. It will help in the development of Indonesia, and will ultimately be useful for Indonesian businessmen who will be able to take benefit of wider economic opportunities," concluded Sri Mulyani.(*)