Many anthropologists around the world are coming to Baduy for research and study."
Lebak (ANTARA News) - The administration of Lebak district, Banten province, will develop 29 tourist destinations by 2019 to attract more domestic and foreign tourists.

"Lebak has many attractive tourist sites to be developed to improve the local economic growth," the Head of Lebaks Development and Economy Planning Division at the Regional Development Planning Agency, Imam Hidayat, said here.

These 29 tourist sites are either along the coastal areas, or are natural tourist sites, as also the Baduy and Kaolatan traditional and cultural tours, hot springs and rafting activities.

One of beaches that will be developed further as a tourist site is the Sawarna Beach which experiences high waves and is suitable for surfing. Facing the Indian Ocean makes the beach more beautiful.

Meanwhile, the Baduy culture can be promoted in the world, like the traditional ways of life of the Aborigines in Australia, the Amish in the US, and of the Inca people in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Until now, the Baduy communities have refused to adopt any modern lifestyles and have stuck to their traditional costumes. They inhabit a forest area of 5,100 hectares. This area does not have paved roads ot electricity network and people live without access to television, radio or modern vehicles.

"Many anthropologists around the world are coming to Baduy for research and study," Imam added.

The tourist sites development program is in line with the Regional Tourism Development Master Plan.

"We are optimistic that Banten will be the main tourist site in Banten province," Imam stressed.

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