Anti-terror squad arrests couple linked to Jakarta bomb plot

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Polices anti-terror squad arrested a suspected terrorist couple, known by their initials as TS alias UA and her husband HG, early on Thursday.

"TS alias UA and HG were arrested on Thursday, Dec 15, at around 4.30 a.m. local time at their rented house on Padasuka Street, Babakan Jawa, Tasikmalaya," a police spokesman Senior Commissioner Martinus Sitompul stated at the Indonesian Police headquarters here, Thursday.

A housewife, TS is allegedly involved in inciting another suspect, Dian Yulia Novi (DYN), to "perform jihad." TS also played a role in connecting Dian with M. Nur Solihin (MNS), believed to be the leader of the group.

"Currently, TS and her husband HG are being detained at Tasikmalaya police headquarters for further investigation," Martinus said.

Earlier on Saturday, the polices Special Detachment 88 arrested three terrorist suspects, known by their initials as MNS, AS, and DYN.

MNS and AS were arrested in Kalimalang, Bekasi, while DYN was arrested at her lodging house in Bintara Jaya, Bekasi, West Java.

The police found a hand-made rice cooker bomb in the three-storey house.

The Jakarta polices bomb squad have since detonated one of the three active bombs found at the house.

Another terrorist suspect, S alias Abu Izzah, was arrested in Karanganyar District of Solo, Central Java, last Saturday.

Initial investigations showed that the MNS network had allegedly planned to detonate the bomb at the weekly Presidential Security (Paspampres) ceremony in the State Palace compound, which has been open to the public since August this year.

"On Sunday morning, MNS and AS were to take DYN to Istiqlal Mosque. Then, DYN would walk alone to the palace," police spokesman Senior Commissioner Awi Setiyono stated.

DYN was set to become a "bride" or would-be bomber in the suicide action.(*)