asean calls on more women`s participation addressing human rights issues

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Commissioner of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) Dinna Wisnu calls on more womens participation in the politics and public policy to address a very diverse issues of human rights in the region.
At the event of "Women and Politics" which was held by the American Cultural Center @america, Tuesday, Wisnu pointed out that the involvement of ASEAN women was still limited to address the issue of women and children, while in other significant issues such as politics, security, and economy, womens participation remained low.
"The lack of womens participation in the politics has raised a view that women will only involve to talk about gender, so people do not realize that the womens contribution to address human rights problems is basically beneficial for everyone," she noted.
Since being appointed as the new Indonesian representative to the AICHR for 2016-2018, Wisnu has been trying to make a breakthrough by encouraging all the ASEAN women to also discuss about several issues which are usually handled by men.
Some significant issues such as anti-torture and anti-trafficking, she said, would not be resolved if there was no involvement of women.
As a big community, Wisnu stated, ASEAN people should stop to distinguish issues based on gender because even the issue of women and childrens protection was needed to be solved by the cross-sectoral understanding.
"The key to solve human rights issue lies in the effort to build interdisciplinary, cross-groups, and cross-interest relation," Wisnu said.
Considering the very diverse human rights issues in the region ranging from the issues of women and children, disability, health, education, election, to the issues of torture and death penalty, then each member of the ASEAN community must remember that human rights is strongly related to himself and his family.
"Human rights is not a burden but something which should be implemented in the public policy in the daily basis," Wisnu, who is also the Director of Graduate Study University of Paramadina, added.(*)