Traffic flow later returned to normal in Selatpanjang City."
Pekanbaru, Riau, Jan 28 (Antara) - A Water Festival or Ciancui enlivened the celebration of Lunar New Year 2568 in Selatpanjang City, Tebing Tinggi Sub-district, Kepulauan Meranti District, Riau Province, on Saturday.

"The number of people who participated in the activity amounted to 8 thousand. As many as 70 police officers were deployed to maintain order during the festival," Head of Public Relations of Riau Provinces Police, Police Commissioner Guntur Arya Tejo, stated on Sunday.

The festival started around 04:00 pm and ended at 06.00 pm Western Indonesian Time. During the festivity, people squirted out water at each other.

Moreover, the local residents drove some 350 pedicabs in a convoy to enliven the event.

The participants who took part in the festival were not only local residents from other regions in Indonesia but also Chinese ethnic community from other countries.

"The event was under control and ended safely at around 06:00 pm Western Indonesian Time. Traffic flow later returned to normal in Selatpanjang City," Tejo noted.

Earlier, the people had worshiped in several temples in Selatpanjang City in the morning, such as the temples of Catur Maharaja Sakti, Wira Sakti, Vihara Berkat, Dwi Kwan Im, Raja Sakti, Dwi Sakti, Mega Sakti, Setia Sakti, Tri Sakti, Dewi Trieni, Tunggal Sakti and Dharma Jaya.

Chinese-Indonesians celebrate Chinese New Year 2017 by promoting the values of tolerance and maintaining peace, among others.

Some people celebrate the New Year by visiting temples in several cities of Indonesia, Antara reported here on Saturday.

Several people in the Jayapura City of Papua Province also visit their colleagues who celebrate Chinese New Year.

Some of the guests are local people visiting fellow Chinese-Indonesians.

The guests are welcomed by the host and offered an array of culinary dishes such as rendang, candies and confectioneries.

Meanwhile, Adi Dharmaja Kusuma, a Chinese-Indonesian figure in Kuta of Bali Province, stated that all Indonesians should maintain mutual respect and promote the values of tolerance.

The harmonious acculturation in Bali demonstrates the fact that tolerance is always maintained on Dewata Island, according to Kusuma.

(Reported by Bayu Agustari Adha/Uu.M052/INE/KR-BSR/B003)

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