Bandung to host 300 cultural festivals

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - The Bandung Cultural and Tourism Office plans to host 200 to 300 festivals this year, with the aim of increasing both domestic and international tourist arrivals.

"From the hundreds of event agendas, there are two main events this year, including the Asia-Africa Festival and the Keraton Assembly," Head of the Bandung Cultural and Tourism Office Kenny Dewi Kaniasari stated in Bandung, West Java, on Monday.

Kaniasari said the series of events scheduled to be held are expected to boost the number of tourist arrivals by up to five percent from seven million visitors recorded last year.

"We should be able to increase the figure through a variety of events that will be held throughout the year," she noted.

Furthermore, Kaniasaris office will also strive to attract tourists to the city during the weekdays instead of just on the weekends.

"We will simultaneously promote the citys culinary, heritage, and historical packages as well as increase the hotel occupancy rates from a day to up to three days," she added.

With regard to heritage and historical tourism packages, the office will guide visitors to historical places in the city as well as trace the path charted by the late Soekarno.

"We can include bike riding and walking in the packages, as well as means of public transportation, including buses. Everything will be integrated," she remarked.(*)