Singaporean tourist bitten by Komodo dragon

Singaporean tourist bitten by Komodo dragon

Illustration. Komodo on Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. (ANTARA/Reno Esnir) ()

Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - A Singaporean photographer and tourist, identified as 68-year-old Loh Lee Aik, was bitten by a Komodo dragon, a giant lizard, in Komodo Village, West Manggarai District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, on Wednesday.

"His left leg was bitten on Wednesday afternoon while taking pictures of a Komodo dragon eating a dead goat," Jules Abraham Abast, a spokesman of the East Nusa Tenggara police, stated here, Thursday.

The location of the incident was some 200 meters from Komodo Village.

The victim arrived in Komodo Village from Labuan Bajo on Monday (May 1) and stayed at a local inhabitants home to take pictures of Komodo dragons.

On Tuesday, he spotted a Komodo dragon feeding on a goat in a graveyard, but he missed the opportunity to take some pictures.

He was later told that usually the Komodo would come back for the dead goat on the next day.

The next morning, he went alone to the same location to take some pictures.

He saw a Komodo dragon eating the dead goat, and while taking pictures of the reptile, he failed to realize that another smaller Komodo dragon had come close by and then bit his left leg.

The local villagers rushed to help him and took him to a hospital in Labuan Bajo.

"Until now, the victim is still being treated in the Siloam Hospital and is guarded by police officers," he added.(*)