KPK public prosecutor dismisses withdrawal of dossier by Miryam

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The public prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has dismissed the withdrawal of the dossier by Miryam S. Haryani, a lawmaker of the Commission II of the House of Representative in the electronic ID card corruption case.

"Even if Miryam S Haryani withdrew all of the statements as recorded in the dossier, the public prosecutor does not consider it having any consequence at all," KPK prosecutor Riniyati Karniasih said in the special corruption court here on Thursday.

Riniaty said the withdrawal of the dossier was without valid and logical reason. The public prosecutor said a number of reasons for dismissing the withdrawal of the dossier by Miriam.

"Any witness or a suspect is free to give statements but does not mean that it is free to give false testimony. Giving a false testimony is a crime, and for that the public prosecutor hopes that the court of justice also dismisses the dossier withdrawal by Miryam," she said as the first and second reasons.

The third reason is that the pressure by KPK investigators as claimed by Miryam had been denied by KPK investigators with confirmation by video record and hand written statement by Miryam about distribution of money to lawmakers of House Commission III, she said.

"The fourth is that the testimony of Miryam S Haryani contradicted testimonies of Diah Anggraeni, Josep Sumartono and other suspects, who said Miryam S Haryani had received US$1.2 million related to the e-ID card procurement project," Riniyati added.

The fifth reason is that Miryam was believed to have forced to withdraw the dossier on intimidation by parties implicated in the e-ID card corruption case.

"This is confirmed by the finding of quite strong evidence about what Markus Nari, a lawmaker from the Golkar faction, had done in encouraging Miryam to withdraw the dossier. For that on May 30, 2017, KPK named Markus Nari a suspect on charge of obstruction of justice," Riniyati said.

Senior investigator of KPK Novel Baswedan also said Miryam had told her investigators that she was intimidated by a number of the lawmakers of the House Commission III seeking to force her not to disclose fact about the distribution of part of the embezzled fund among the lawmakers.

In an earlier court session, the KPK prosecutor said more than 50 lawmakers and former lawmakers were implicated in the e-ID card corruption case.

Riniyati, therefore, hoped that court would continue to use the dossier as a valid evidence.

The public prosecutor of KPK demand the court to mete out 7 years imprisonment for the first suspect Director General of Population and Civil Registration Irman with a fine of Rp500 million and a compensation of US$273,700 and Rp2.248 billion and S$6,000 dollar to be paid to the state treasury or an addition of 2.5 years in jail; 5 years imprisonment for former director of population administration information management Sugiharto with a fine of Rp400 million and a compensation of Rp500 million to be paid to the state or an additional jail term of 1.5 years.

The two were charged with abusing their authority causing a loss of Rp2.3 trillion to the state.(*)