Bogor, West Java (ANTARA News) - Former US President, Barack Obama, will attend President Joko Widodo's invitation to visit Bogor Presidential Palace on Friday afternoon, but there will be no state welcoming ceremony.

Bogor Military District Commander Lt Col Infantri Dodi Suhardiman said here on Thursday that the reception for Obama would be more relaxed and familial.

According to him, security will still be prioritized according to the operating standard for the highly-privileged (VVIP) guests, but not be conspicuous according to Obama's request.

"Obama has requested that the welcoming ceremony not be conspicuous, but security measures for him will remain in compliance with the standard operating procedure for state guests," Suhardiman said.

Obama and his family were scheduled to come to the state palace in Bogor to accept the invitation for lunch from Jokowi at Green Garden Cafe at the Bogor Botanical Garden on Friday.

Following the visit by Obama and his family, the Bogor Botanical Garden will be closed to public on Friday, according to the gardens service monitoring official, Upun Punjiar.

"I have just received an information from the leader of Presidential Security Guards that the Bogor Botanical Garden be closed to public on Friday," Punjiar said.

Editor: Ade P Marboen
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