Government urged to be concerned about dual citizenship issue

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government of Indonesia has been urged to be concerned about the dual citizenship issue, a member of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Bobby Rizaldi, stated.

"The granting of dual citizenship to Indonesian diaspora can provide some advantages to the government, especially for protecting the children of Indonesian citizens," Rizaldi noted here on Saturday.

In addition, the government could get some advantages, especially in the economic sector, such as increasing foreign investment.

He remarked that the diaspora who has dual nationality still has a fundamental problem of civil law in Indonesia, as well as with the principle of nationality, which requires to be subject to the provisions of its national state.

"If there is a conflict of state law, there should be a clear legal umbrella.

Therefore, dual nationality should be accommodated properly.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi earlier expressed belief that the diaspora are valuable assets for the development of Indonesia.

"We surely hope for a strong Indonesian diaspora that can partner with the government to further develop the country," Marsudi stated, after attending the opening session of the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta, on Saturday.

In order to maximize the roles of the Indonesian diaspora in the countrys development, the minister noted that the government will soon launch an Indonesian Diaspora Card that will bridge the gap in communication and aspirations between the diaspora and the government.

The registration system for this card will be voluntary for both current and former Indonesian nationals who are registered in the diaspora network in various countries.

"Through this card, the government will impose a few policies on the Indonesian diaspora. Hopefully, the Indonesian Diaspora Card would be launched by next month," she remarked.

With regard to the dual citizenship policy, which has been requested by the Indonesian diaspora, the minister pointed out that the process to amend state regulations on dual citizenship is still a long way.

However, she affirmed that the issue will not disrupt the role of the Indonesian diaspora in contributing to the countrys development and advancement, as they can do so by offering their professional expertise and knowledge.

"We know that the diaspora are valuable assets and comprise around two to three million people from different professions, including from the oil and gas sector and other workers," Marsudi pointed out.

The fourth Diaspora Congress, organized by the Indonesian Diaspora Network Global, is a series of discussions involving the Indonesian diaspora from various backgrounds and highlighting recent issues, including tolerance, diplomacy, businesses, innovation, and culture inheritance.

The congress also brought former US president Barack Obama on the same platform who, at the opening event, gave his remarks and keynote speech that highlighted the messages of tolerance, democracy, and recent global developments.

"I think what Obama delivered in his speech was very relevant to the situation in the world at the moment and resonates with all of us," she added.

(UU. A063/INE)