Collective attempts to monitor resource transfer for terror acts: Wibisono

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former Indonesian Ambassador to the United Nations Makarim Wibisono stated that countries in Southeast Asia region could promote collective attempts to monitor and cut off the transfer of resources for financing terror acts.

"Collective cooperation could possibly be established for monitoring the transfer of resources that are proposed to finance terrorism," he said, when speaking at the 1st Indonesia International Defense Science Seminar in Sentul, West Java province, on Thursday.

Wibisono stated that the concept of ASEAN security community is part of efforts to create the basis of cooperation for the future based on innovation because terrorists also act fast to improve technology and techniques to carry out terror attacks.

Moreover, he noted that there had been a forum to discuss issues in the region, including terrorism.

He stressed on the need to cooperate with other countries to improve efforts and strengthen cooperation to counter all forms of terror acts by the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Bilveer Singh, Adjunct Senior Fellow at Centre of Excellence for National Security at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, a Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, explained that countries in the Southeast Asia region need to be cooperative first to establish efforts to combat terrorism.

As terror acts have been detected in Marawi, southern Philippines, regional security should be the common concern of all countries in the Southeast Asia region.

"We are still reactive. We must be proactive in countering terrorism," he stated.

On that occasion, he elaborated on counter-terrorism strategies through implementing hard and soft measures and building broad-based capacities by involving the entire government and society.

"No state can fight terrorism alone," he noted.

Therefore, he concluded by emphasizing on the need for collaboration of international community and countries in the world to counter terrorism.(*)