Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Members of various organizations held a rally in Jakarta on Friday to protest Israeli measures on Al Alqsa Mosque compound - Islams third holiest site.

The rally was participated in by a number of prominent Islamic scholars and preachers such as Bachtiar Nasir, Muhammad Arifin Ilham, and Nazar Haris.

Among mass organizations joining the protests were Al Azhar Islamic Boarding School Foundation, Aqsa Working Group, Aspac For Palestine, Lazis Dewan Dakwah, KISPA, BSMI, ACT, Indonesia Without JIL, FLP, Spirit of Aqsa, KNRP, ADARA, Friends of AQSA, Rafah Islamic boarding school, Azzikra Council, AWG, Khairu Ummah, Jakarta Synergy, PUI, Care for Hijab, Gemas, LMI, and Bidik Production.

They consider Israel measures to tighten its grip on Al Aqsa as a violation of human rights.

Bachtiar Nasir, leader of the Indonesian Alliance to Save Al Aqsa Mosque (AIMMA), said the rally was able to unite various groups in support of Al Aqsa.

"Here, we want to show that we gather here as a pile of bricks for an Islamic building, and we hope this pile of bricks could become the power that we could use to free Al Aqa," Nasir noted.

Tens of pro-Palestine groupings and Islam-based mass organizations have been united in AIMMA.

"We are united now in the Indonesian Alliance to Save Al Aqsa Mosque. And our hearts have been united by Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala," he explained.

The unity of Muslims is a power of Islam, he stated.

Similar rallies were also organized in several Indonesian cities, as part of simultaneous protests dubbed "Day of Rage" held by Muslims all over the world after performing Friday mass prayers.

In Bandung, West Java, thousands of people joined a rally to protest Israels move on Friday.

"We want to let our brothers/sisters in Palestine know that you are not alone," Gaos Abdul Hamid, spokesman of the Alliance of Community to Save Al Aqsa (AMSA), remarked.(*)

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