Jokowi opens meeting of supporters` organization

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opened a national working meeting of "Projo," a mass organization that supports him, here on Monday evening.

On the occasion, he called for continued efforts in preserving national unity and brotherhood.

Activities, like those done by "Saracen," must be crushed because they are dangerous, he stated, adding that social media must be used for positive purposes.

Therefore, "I have ordered the police chief to take a firm action against the perpetrators. I told them not to hesitate to arrest them if they have legal evidence and facts. We may be ignored unless we are firm in our action," he noted.

The police have so far arrested four suspects behind the Saracen group that has spread hoaxes through social media, threatening national unity.

Widodo reminded how big the country was, with more than 250 million population, 17 thousand islands, 34 provinces, and thousand ethnic groups and local languages.

"There are different races in our country, but we are all brothers," he remarked.

In view of that, anyone who is against Pancasila state ideology and the Unitary State of Indonesia must be identified.

Projo general chairman Budi Arie Setiadi noted that that the third national meeting was held for consolidation and unification of the organizations steps.

"Projo is no longer a crowd but has become a structured and massive organization after three years of establishment. Projo is the big home for militant supporters of Jokowi, he revealed.

He explained that Projo would assure that Jokowis leadership and government would continue until 2024 to build a foundation for future development of the Indonesian nation.

"Projos political platform is Jokowis political platform, according to which all our passion, minds, and actions must be solely for the country and for the people. Projo thinks and acts with one commitment, which is to the country and people," Arie Setiafi said.

Indonesia is bracing for a political year next year marked by regional elections and presidential election in 2019.(*)