Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported that the trade balance in August 2017 had gained a surplus of US$1.72 billion, driven by non-oil and gas trade reaching $2.41 billion in surplus.

"The exports are up, and imports are down, so we have $1.72 billion in surplus, and this is the highest recorded since 2012, as the surplus had reached $1.8 billion in November 2011," Head of BPS Suhariyanto stated during a press conference here on Friday.

The BPS recorded that the oil and gas sector had suffered a deficit of $0.68 billion due to high exports in August 2017, reaching $1.27 billion and imports at $1.95 billion during the same period.

In general, total exports in August 2017 had reached $15.21 billion, or increased 11.73 percent, as compared to $13.61 billion in July.

The total imports in August 2017 reached $13.49 billion, or fell 2.88 percent, from $13.88 billion recorded last July.

Indonesias trade volume in August 2017 gained a surplus of 33.49 million tons, driven by non-oil and gas trade reaching 34.21 million tons, while oil and gas trade suffered a deficit of 716 thousand tons.

Cumulatively, during the period between January and August 2017, Indonesias trade balance gained $9.11 billion, contributed by exports reaching $108.79 billion and imports valued at $99.68 billion.

The number increased as compared to the same period in 2016 during which a surplus of $5.13 billion was recorded.

"Hopefully, the surplus would continue to rise until the end of this year," Suhariyanto noted. (*)

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