Jokowi inaugurates shrimp ponds to boost local economy

Cikarang, Bekasi, W Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has inaugurated the construction of 17 hectares of shrimp ponds in Muaragembong Sub-district, Bekasi District of West Java, to boost local economy.

"We will construct the ponds as an effort to boost the economic condition of the farmers, including the cultivators of tiger shrimp and vaname shrimp," the president said here on Wednesday.

The small, medium enterprises program developed by the state enterprise, in cooperation with the Indonesian government, is aimed to improve the economic condition of the farmers.

The program will utilize the technology system to increase shrimp harvest in ponds.

By implementing the technology system, the farmers can obtain a harvest of about five tons of shrimps per three months.

The technology system will utilize the automatic timer and three-water distillation canals, which can be managed through smartphones.

The president hoped that by implementing the technology, the farmers can obtain more yields from their shrimp ponds.

"The farmers usually harvest 3 kilograms of shrimps in three months. However, by implementing the technology innovation, they can obtain about 3 to 5 tons of shrimps per three months," Jokowi added.

The price of shrimps is from Rp60 thousand to Rp125 thousand per kilogram. Jokowi remarked that the system can improve the farmers revenue and their ease in getting loans from banks.

The shrimp farmers can cultivate shrimps from their ponds by December 2017. (*)