President hopes `Dilan 1990` movie to inspire creative industry

President hopes `Dilan 1990` movie to inspire creative industry

President Joko Widodo served a photo request by the people he met after watching the movie. (special)

Jakarta  (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) hoped the movie titled "Dilan 1990" would become a source of inspiration for Indonesia`s creative industry as the film attracted a lot of viewers.

Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Secretariat of the Presidential Office, Bey Machmudin, said in a statement in Jakarta on Sunday that the Head of State hoped the creative industry in the country can grow better in the future.

"We want our creative industry to grow well. We hope that we can use opportunities properly and one of them is through films," said the President.

According to him, creativity can arise from a simplicity. The "Dilan 1990" movie is an example of such a simplicity, a film which is produced with a right plot and a right shot of camera.

President Joko Widodo watched the movie "Dilan 1990" in one of the cinemas located in Senayan, Jakarta, on Sunday.

According to the President, the movie `Dilan 1990` which is based on a novel by Pidi Baiq, tells a story about the life of teenagers.

  "It is produced in a simple way but has a good result. Yet its simplicity attracted the people to watch it," said the President.

While watching the film, the President was accompanied by his daughter Kahiyang Ayu and Ayu`s husband Bobby Nasution.

The First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo did not accompany the president because she was in Solo, Central Java, to attend a wedding reception.

After watching the film, the President talked to the director of the movie, Fajar Bustomo and two artists who played in the film, namely Ira Wibowo who played the character of Dilan`s mother and Andryos Aryanto who played the character of Nandan.