"We are committed to ensuring security in the Jakarta area during the 2018 Asian Games," said the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Security is a very important issue for foreigners in a country hosting an international event like the 18th Asian Games.

Hence, Jakarta and Palembang will ensure the 3,200 foreign athletes and officials from more than 40 countries feel secure and can concentrate on the competition.

The Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee (INASGOC) will involve more than 30,000 police personnel in four regional divisions -- Polda Metro Jaya (Jakarta Regional Police), South Sumatra Regional Police, West Java Regional Police, and Banten Regional Police.

The number of personnel to be deployed will depend on the security needs, including at event venues and non-competition arenas such as the athletes` hotels.

INASGOC is also working with TNI (Indonesian Defense Forces) Headquarters, especially the women`s corps of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

"We are committed to ensuring security in the Jakarta area during the 2018 Asian Games," said the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno, on May 14.

One of the steps the Jakarta regional government has taken to improve security is increasing the number of surveillance cameras or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in different corners of the capital city. "We plan to add 300 CCTV units to a total of 6,000 units already in operation," said Uno. The technology will have face-recognition capability.

Meanwhile, the South Sumatra Governor, Alex Noerdin, speaking in Palembang on May 21, asked all sections of society to always maintain the security of the region, especially before the Asian Games in August 2018.

In the run up to the international event, South Sumatra was now counting the days (the games are to be held from August 18 to September 2). Therefore, the people must work together to maintain security, one of the factors for the international sporting event`s success, the Governor said.

For the opening ceremony, INASGOC had prepared for any eventuality. "With regard to security, we have asked for help from related parties. We are focused on finishing our task well, including sports teams, venues, transportation, medical and security teams," said the INASGOC Chairman, Erick Thohir, during a visit to the main Gelora Bung Karno stadium.

Indonesia will implement a zero-tolerance policy with regard to security starting from the preparation period to the conclusion of the events in Jakarta and Palembang.

"Our target will be its implementation itself using zero tolerance international standards at arenas of events as well as some other locations," said the INASGOC Deputy Chairman, Sjafrie Sjamsuddin.

"We hope for support from all parties because the Asian Games are not only INASCOG`s affair. The president has instructed to treat it as a national event and not mere events in Jakarta and Palembang," said Erick Thohir.

He called on all people to attend the opening ceremony at the Gelora Bung Karno stadium. "I cannot as yet explain the opening ceremony in detail. But when will we get an opportunity again to become part of history by watching the opening ceremony directly? It may not possibly happen again in the next ten years. People may only enter the stadium from the gates in Sudirman," he said.

Regarding terrorism, the Densus 88 anti-terror squad of the National Police would secure the Asian Games venues, especially in Tangerang, Banten Province.

The Tangerang City Police Chief Commissioner, Sabilul Alif, said in the city on Monday that his office along with the Banten Province Police were coordinating with the counter-terrorism unit.

"Our priority now is to assure the safety of athletes and the security of the venues during the event. Participants should not worry about attacks," he said.


Reporter: Andi Abdussalam
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