Gorontalo (ANTARA News) - The National Police`s counterterrorism squad, Densus 88, arrested three suspected terrorists in Ayumolingo Village, Pulubala Sub-district, Gorontalo Province, on Monday.

The police are still investigating the three suspected terrorists, Chief of the Gorontalo Provincial Police Brigadier General Rachmad Fudail stated on Tuesday.

"The threat of terrorism can emerge at any time. Polri (the National Police) and TNI (the National Defense Forces) must always be ready to tackle it," he noted.

He said the police are still studying the extent of their involvement in terrorism.

"We will make public what the results (of our investigation) will look like. We have Densus 88 and other units," he noted.

He said Gorontalo must always be ready to anticipate any acts of terror act and remain vigilant.

"We must be ready any time. However, thank God, Gorontalo is conducive. I urge the public to not be afraid, as security personnel have detected the groups," he remarked.

A day before, Densus 88 also arrested a suspected terrorist believed to be a member of the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah cell in South Lampung District.

Earlier, on June 23, Densus 88 had arrested three terror suspects in Depok, West Java. Two of them were shot dead for resisting arrest.

Chief of the Police`s Public Information Bureau Brigadier General Mohammad Iqbal stated that the three were arrested from two different locations.

Reported by Adiwinata Solihin

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