London, Aug 3 (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen again held the Performing Arts and Culture of Indonesia in Denmark with Boyolali Art Ambassador who was present in Copenhagen in order to promote art and culture from Central Java.

The head of the information, social and culture of Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen, Ismail N. Pulungan, told Antara

London on Friday that he admitted Denmark was the third country visited after previously performing art in Sweden and Norway.

The art and cultural performances were held at the embassy in Copenhagen, attended by 200 invited guests consisting of several foreign ambassadors and other VIP guests, the Danish community, and the Diaspora Indonesia and the extended family of the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Denmark M. Ibnu Said said the visit of the Danish Art Ambassadors in Denmark showed the diversity of Indonesian culture, including some traditional dances that can be introduced to Danish society, on the art performances that take place in the yard of the embassy office in Copenhagen.

The Art Ambassador from Boyolali city collaborated with INDA Dance Group from Denmark, featuring dances such as Kala Kridha Dance, Kusuma Bangsa Dance, Bujang Ganong Dance, Mask Dance, welcoming speeches by the head of Boyolali delegation and a get-together.

The activity took place successfully and constituted a maiden visit of the Boyolali Art Group to Compenhagen. (ZG) **** 3 *** (E002)

Reported by Zeynita Gibbons

Translated by Eliswan

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