Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian National Martial Arts Family, the "Perisai Diri", celebrated the inclusion of martial arts into the Asian Games matches by demonstrating during the Vehicle Free Day here on Sunday.

"Inclusion of martial arts for the first time into Asian Games this time means such a kind of sport has been played by many countries in Asia. This makes Indonesia proud as the host of the Asian Games," Perisai Diri national training organizer Hasnil Fajri remarked here on Sunday.

The Perisai Diri held a combination gymnastics demonstration, weapons technique, attack, original techniques, breathing techniques and martial arts training, conducted by 100 people.

From the Perisai Diri, Wewey Wita is the one athlete to compete at the Asian Games. Wita was the winner in world championship of

the Malaysian SEA Games.

"Wewey, the winner of gold medal in the Sea Games Malaysia 2017 is one of Indonesia`s leading martial arts athletes who are expected to donate gold medals to the Asian Games," he said.

He is optimistic, Indonesia can reach the first position in the four-year event. According to him the countries that are Indonesia`s competitors are countries from ASEAN such as Malaysia and Thailand.

Further, he added that although martial arts is not global, Indonesia must continue to maintain the quality of its athletes, in order to remain a reference for martial arts.

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Reporting by Aubrey Kandelila Fanani
Editing by Otniel Tamindael

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