Asian Games - Thai handsball team defeats Hong-Kong

Asian Games - Thai handsball team defeats Hong-Kong

Thai handball players face Hong Kong in the qualification round at the GOR POPKI sports venue in Cibubur, East Jakarta on Sunday, Aug 19. (Photo AntaraNews/Kornelis Kaha)

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Thailand`s Women`s Handball National Team won against the Hong Kong Women`s Handball team in the 2018 Asian Games group B qualifying match which took place at GOR POPKI Cibubur, East Jakarta, Sunday.

With a final score of 30-24 from the first minute the Thai women`s team led by Sunanta Hongbooddee has shown an aggressive game and continues to attack.

This was proven only in less than 20 minutes in the first round at least 10 times the violations committed by the Hong Kong national team against Thailand around the Hong Kong penalty box.

The attacks carried out by the Thai national team always made it difficult for the Hong Kong goalkeeper to be guarded by Yu Ka Chung.

Thailand national team captain Sunanta Hongbooddee said the victory over Hong Kong increasingly made him and his team confident to return to their next match against Malaysia on Tuesday (Aug 21) next week.

"With this victory, of course for me, a new stumbling block can later defeat Malaysia in the next match," he said.

He himself felt that since the beginning of the match, the Thai coach had emphasized that he and his friends should continue to press the resistance of the Hong Kong national team.

Meanwhile the top scorer with 10 goals, from Thailand national team Pawinee Bunjarern said that he would further play better against the Malaysian national team and try to score more goals against opponents.

Monitoring between aggressive games from the Thai national team did not stop in the first round. In the first round, the Thai national team was already winning by a score of 13-10.

Excellence continued to increase after the break. Even attacks after attacks continue to be carried out by Chatchai Indee`s foster children against Hong Kong`s defense.

Instead, the attack from the Hong Kong national team always ran aground in the hands of the goalkeeper guarded by Pakakan Thongkot.

Entering the 27th minute of the second half of Hong Kong led by Yee Pui Chow tried to increase the attack in order to catch up with the score but again Pakakan has always been a strong fortress on crossbar onions.

In the 29th minute ahead of the match ended Hong Kong national team player, Ngo Mei Cheung, tried to minimize the deficit by adding a goal after successfully breaking Papakan`s goal so the score changed to 30-24.

Until the final round of the second round was played by the referee who led the AL Wahibi match, Thailand continued to win over Hong Kong with a final score of 30-24. *** 4 ***

Reported by Kornelis Aloysius Ileama Kaha
Editing by Eliswan Azly