Jakarta, Aug 30 (ANTARA News) - As a water sport that has been around since the 1800s, rowing has the potential to be developed in countries, with several islands, such as Indonesia.

The Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee (INASGOC) has successfully included rowing as one of the Asian Games sports, but there is something about it that fans of every other sport can laud.

This beautiful water sport is one of the most physically demanding yet elegant demonstrations of power and teamwork that happens in any sport in the world.

Hence, it is time to utilize the potential that exists in Indonesia to develop this water sport, as many of the country`s men and women have talent and experience in the field of rowing.

Unfortunately, this extraordinary potential has yet to be managed optimally, for it has not earned many gold medals at the 2018 Asian Games, the second-largest sports event in the world.

Rowing is the best sport, as it uses every muscle in the human body.

At each point in the stroke, the rowers use different parts of their muscles, but at the completion of each stroke, they have used every single one.

Despite what most may think, rowing uses not only the rowers` arms and legs but also their back, abs, feet, hands, torso, shoulders, and buttocks, and also always their brain.

Rowing is one of the most mentally taxing sports, as the rowers have to use every single muscle in their body to its utmost potential.

International Canoe Federation (ICF) Vice President Thomas Konietzko lauded the INASGOC for successfully including rowing at the Asian Games.

"Indonesia is professional in organizing rowing events," Konietzko remarked in the company of 2018 Asian Games Venue Press Center Manager Brata T. Hardjosubroto in Palembang, South Sumatra, on Thursday.

The ICF vice president lauded INASGOC that has prepared an extraordinary rowing venue at the Jakabaring Sports City (JSC) sports complex in Palembang, which is not widely found in the Asian region.

He noted that all those participating in rowing were content with the Jakabaring Sports City rowing venue and with the committee`s service while in Palembang.

Three numbers of rowing sports contested in Palembang City are rowing numbers, dragon boats, and canoes/sprints.

In addition, canoe polo was held at the Asian Games in the form of demonstrations.

Paddle sports events, held at Palembang JSC from August 19 to September 1, 2018, have generally gone well.

Hence, the INASGOC was lauded for the implementation of several Asian Games rowing competitions that have been and are in progress.

Konietzko assessed that the South Sumatra provincial capital of Palembang, which successfully held the Asian Games XVIII rowing competition, has the opportunity to hold other major events.

"The rowing venue in Palembang is good, so several athletes from many countries praise it and want to return to this city to compete in other bigger events," Konietzko remarked.

Further, the ICF vice president noted that he would encourage the implementation of rowing competitions, especially the number of canoes/international kayaks in Palembang, better known as the "Land of Sriwijaya."

With frequent international-scale rowing competitions in Palembang, Konietzko expressed hope that rowing sports would develop well in Indonesia and other Asian countries.

"Canoeing has been dominated by Europe, and in the Olympics, we will witness the emergence of Asian athletes competing in the world`s biggest sports event and become champions," he added.

The ICF vice president explained that the rowing competition in Palembang was one of the 10 sports of the Asian Games in that South Sumatra provincial city.

He noted that the success of the INASGOC to hold the rowing sport in Palembang could be a reason to bring various international rowing competitions to that area.

In the meantime, Executive Board of the Rowing Sports Association of Indonesia (PODSI) Deputy Chairman Vice Admiral Aan Kurnia remarked in Palembang that he will strive to build and develop rowing venues in every region of Indonesia.

He said rowing venues similar to the one in Palembang need to be built in other regions in order to develop water sports.

According to Kurnia, Chinese rowing athletes, who dominated the acquisition of gold medals at the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, admitted that their success was facilitated by the good rowing venue of international standards in Palembang.

"The athletes from China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and several other Asian Games participants said the rowing venue in Palembang is the best of all in several countries they have visited," Kurnia remarked.

He explained that good rowing venues are vital for athletes, who compete, and they said that since the time the rowing sports have been held from Aug 19 and ending September 1, 2018, no complaints of any hindrance during their race were received.

The Palembang JSC rowing venue, which was lauded by the Asian Games participants, became the initial capital to foster talented young athletes and develop water sports.

China managed to bag several gold medals, and apart from a good venue in Palembang, its athletes were also supported by the availability of several rowing venues in the country as a training ground and an arena to compete to test their abilities.

Observing that one of the keys to China`s success being the availability of several rowing venues for training and competition, Kurnia said he will make all-out efforts to build rowing venues similar to the one in Palembang in every region across the country.



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