VP opens training for Afghan students in Indonesia

VP opens training for Afghan students in Indonesia

Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Ma'ruf Amin gave a press statement at the Vice President's Palace Jakarta, Friday (08/31/2018). (Fransiska Ninditya)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla has launched an education and training program for 80 Afghan students to learn moderate Islam in two Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) in Indonesia.

"With your presence here, although it is only for four months, I hope that you would be able to associate with other students and learn about the moderate and peaceful Islamic life in Indonesia," Kalla stated at the Vice Presidential Palace here on Friday.

The vice president noted that after returning to their country, the Afghan students could apply their knowledge and experience during their stay in Indonesia.

"We are sad to see the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. We are all Muslims. We pray for security, peace, and prosperity in Afghanistan through its young generation," Kalla remarked.

It will be the first scholarship batch for Afghan students, and they will study in Pesantren Daarul Uluum in Bogor, West Java, and Pesantren Tazakka in Batang District of Central Java.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Ma`ruf Amin remarked that the education and training program in pesantren has been part of the government`s efforts to help create peace in Afghanistan.

"This is a follow up after the efforts made by all of us, the government and MUI, to create peace in Afghanistan. They have one religion, one order, and only seven ethnic groups, while we have many different religions and religion orders, but we can be united," Amin added.

Reporting by Fransiska Ninditya
Editing by Sri Haryati, Bustanuddin