Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - South Korea`s national baseball team won the gold medal after defeating Japan, with a score of 3-0 at the Baseball field, Senayan, here on Saturday.

This gold medal is the third for South Korea in baseball.

South Korea started the match by dominating the first inning with a two-point lead. South Korean left-handed pitcher Hyeonjong was capable of making fastballs that could not be hit by Japanese players.

Hyeonjong often created strike outs at the beginning of the inning. At times, he changed his throw to a slow ball, which turned off the beat tempo (change up).

South Korea`s home run was recorded by no. 52 player, Byungho Park, in the third inning. The ball was racing beyond 400 feet away from the outside of the field and could not be reached by Japanese players. Thus, the score increased to 3-0 for South Korea.

When it was Japan`s turn, a sharp blow towards the midfield was often created that made two Japanese players fill the first and second bases.

However, Korea hit Japan with Double Play game, which made the two players to be overwhelmed at a time.

As the defending champions, South Korea quickly adapted to the character of Japanese pitchers. Three clean hits were shown by Korean beaters.

The South Korean home run specialist, Jaegyun Hwang, almost made his fifth home run at the Asian Games, but the ball was not far enough to reach 325 feet and was able to be caught by Japanese players.

Until the end of the inning, Japan could not keep up with the Korean players. Therefore, the Korean team grabbed the gold medal, with a final score 3-0.

Editing by Libertina Widyamurti Ambari, Eliswan Azly

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