Sungailiat (ANTARA News) - Fisheries Office of Bangka Regency, Province of Bangka Belitung Islands, has involved a number of field extension workers at the sub-district level to collect data on fishermen and fisheries businesses.

"We are collaborating with field extension workers in each sub-district to assist in collecting data on fishermen and fisheries business actors in order to create a Marine and Fisheries Business Actor Card (Kusuka)," Head of Bangka Regency Fisheries Empowerment Office Ibnu Taufik Hidayat stated in Sungailiat on Monday.

The involvement of extension workers is needed because it directly falls into the middle of the community in the sub-district or village area.

"Extension workers can collect data and encourage fishermen to make Kusuka by completing a number of administrative requirements," he explained.

I want a single database for marine and fisheries business actors that can be used in determining the program policies of the Ministry of Strength and Fisheries.

Kusuka holders not only include fishermen but also include fish farmers, salt farmers, fish marketers, fish processors, and fishery product delivery service entrepreneurs.

"The utilization of the fishing card to Kusuka is based on Permen KP 39/2017, where this card will accommodate the management and utilization of fish resources and the environment," he explained.

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